Blue Diamonds
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Blue Diamonds


Hues & Shades

Shades of Blue

There is quite a variation between different shades and hues of blue. Although most of the blue diamonds we have seen have been intensely coloured, some colours are definitely more attractive than others. There is bound to be an element of personal preference when it comes to choosing your favourite colour of blue diamond, but we believe there are some guidelines which will help.

Blue Diamond

Deep Aquamarine

Our favourite is a deep aquamarine colour. The gemstone aquamarine tends to look better with more colour saturation. Many aquamarines (aquas) are too pale. For this reason also, small aquas often do not look great, larger stones usually look better. Some of our favourite blue diamonds have had what we would describe as a deep aquamarine colour. The diamond in the centre of the 3-stone ring is an example of our favourite colours.

Green Tinge

We try to avoid blue diamonds with any green overtones, as we do not like them as much as stones with a purer blue colouration. The group of 5 blue diamonds in our photograph illustrates our point. The middle stone is the least attractive because of its strong green tinge. The stone on the far left is the most attractive.
Five Blue Diamonds

Accurate Proportions

Proportion is an important aspect of the "cut" of all diamonds, but we believe is is even more important for fancy coloured diamonds than for near-colourless ones. A blue diamond which is badly proportioned may look too dark because it fails to reflect the maximum light. The diamond to the right is a well proportioned stone, and you can see that it looks very attractive, with plenty of light reflected from all parts of the stone.

Blue Coloured Diamond

Slightly Too Dark

Although the stone on the right is very attractive, we think it is just slightly darker than we would prefer. Naturally it looks slightly different from every angle, so it's difficult to capture the overall qualities of any diamond in a single photograph.

Rich Deep Blue

This diamond is slightly deeper and richer in colour than the one above it, and to our mind, just a little dark, but its colour is very rich and velvety making it an attractive stone.

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